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Hey everyone! I’ve just finished updating my website with new workshop listings as well as private one-on-one, and small group instruction. I’ve also included information on book/calendar publishing instruction and consulting services. Most of all, the site has been redesigned and I’m working with a PhotoShelter stock site. Customers now have the ability to download high-resolution files straight from the site with no waiting.   Stop by for a look!

Nikkor Fast Primes for Sale! 28, 50 & 85mm






I purchased a set of beautiful Nikkor AI-S fast prime lenses to convert to cinema and I would like to sell these 3 (I have these focal lengths covered). They are in excellent condition and will work on all Nikon cameras. They also work incredibly well on Canon (and others) cameras with an adapter. I use them on my 5D mark II and 7D. Manual Nikkor lenses are perfect for cinema work with their very wide apertures and gorgeous “bokeh”. You also have manual aperture control which is one thing I’ve miss so much with Canon EOS. Modern auto-focus lenses have beautiful glass but are not designed for manual focusing and nearly impossible to rack focus, even with a nice follow focus device. Most of all, they are EXPENSIVE!  This is why full manual Nikkor prime lenses are back in demand. I’ve listed my prices below and also noted the prices that are being asked by one of the best used lens dealers in the USA, KEH in Atlanta, GA. 

28mm f/2 AI-S $320 (KEH used price $449)
50mm f/1.8 AI-S $75 (KEH used price $100)
85mm f/2 AI-S $295 (KEH used price $365)

Buy all 3 to get the best deal $625

My email address is greerphotoATgmailDOTcom you can also contact me at


Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Spring Flowers and Landscapes”

Spring along Sparks Lane, Cades Cove
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
—Robert Frost

Richard Foster posted this poem (thanks Richard!) on an image that I shared on my Facebook page. For me, it best describes the fleeting color of our spring season. The reds, golds and bright greens of the mountain valleys and ridges are so amazing as the forest awakens from her winter slumber. I see it as the grandest time of year! A time of new birth, a renewal, before the summer returns and paints them with the rich hue of dark green—as far as the eye can see. If only for a short moment in time, I can chase them from the valleys to the highest peaks. The Blue Ridge and southern Appalachian Mountains are rivaled by no other in North America. No other area in a temperate climate can match the amazing diversity of plants, animals, and invertebrates. Over 17,000 species have been documented in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park alone. Scientists believe an additional 30,000-80,000 species may live in the Park.

I have been working photographically in the Blue Ridge and southern Appalachians for nearly 20 years. I was born in these mountains and they had their hand in raising me. My get-away from the chaotic life, known as boyhood, was spending countless hours traipsing through the fields and forests of southwest Virginia.  For all but 7 years, I have lived in these ancient mountains and I still, to this day, continue to be driven creatively by them.

With this, I invite you to join me in my first and most exciting workshop and tour of 2013, Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Spring Wildflowers and Landscapes”. Follow this link for more information and to sign up for the event.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Spring Flowers and Landscapes

Spring along Middle Prong, Tremont

Yellow trillium (Trillium luteum) and wild blue phlox (Phlox divaricata)

Spring dogwood and a heavy flow along Middle Prong, Tremont

Image Use Without Permission. It’s not always a bad thing if they just ask…!

First I wanted to note how much I enjoy reading the great info posted on the Documentary Tech blog. As most may know, I have been adding more motion and documentary work over the past 2 years and I am finding great info on this site. However, last night I was spending some time exploring the site and I choose to check out a post on equipment. As I scrolled down the page an image caught my eye, the camera in the photo looked so much like my own, not many filmmakers use a Canon TS-E lens for shooting motion. It was a strange feeling because I surely didn’t expect to see an image of my camera, it was from an earlier blog post in 2011. It actually took a moment for me to make the connection and realize that the camera in the photo was mine! That being said, I just sent them an email, not because I am upset that they used my image without my knowledge but to make a suggestion. The suggestion is actually a requirement that I have for bloggers requesting the use of my images. I require that they link to my site and credit me for the image. I also suggested that they consider making my suggestion common practice. I’ve added a screen capture of the image posted in 2011 here on this blog and also a screen capture from my image on the DT blog. I hope that bloggers will do a better job at abiding by the copyright laws that are there to protect us all.

Screen Capture from my blog posted in 2011. 

 Screen capture from the Documentary Tech Blog



SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I have my “2013 Blue Ridge Mountains Calendar” on sale for the holiday season for $10.95! Also my new book “Blue Ridge Parkway – An Extraordinary Journey Along the World’s Oldest Mountains” is ready to ship. Visit the link to purchase your signed copies today!  


One-Day Roan Highlands Workshop sponsored by Tennessee Wild!

One-Day Roan Highlands Workshop sponsored by Tennessee Wild!

I have a few openings for this weekends one day workshop in the Roan Highlands sponsored by Tennessee Wild. If you have the day free join us for awesome day in the highcountry! 

Jerry Greer Photography featured on the cover and inside – June 2012 Issue of WNC Magazine

I just received my advance copies of the June issue of WNC Magazine and I had a wonderful surprise! I was aware that they had chosen to use 5 of my photographs for a photo essay titled Calm of the Wild but I had no idea that they were going to use an image on the cover as well! It’s great to be back on the cover and on the inside pages of such a beautiful Magazine (and they did a great job with the images). Here’s the cover and the full bleed spreads. All of the inside images were printed  as  “full-bleed double-truck”, or  two page, full-bleed spreads. If you get a chance stop by any book retailer and pick up a copy!







2012 Jerry Greer Photography Workshops and Tours – Check them out!!

Hey everyone, I want to remind all that I have listed my 2012 Workshops on my site. Check them out and if you have any questions or would like to join us on a trip please feel free to contact me at anytime. Here’s a link to review the schedule.  2012 Jerry Greer Photography workshops and Tours

My first of the year is coming up very soon. For more info and to sign up follow this link:   Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Spring Wildflowers & Landscapes”  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee • April 19-22, 2012


"Spring Wonder", Tremont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN & NC

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