Sweet white trillium & cascade, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN/NC

I met my friends Richard “Bern” Bernabe and Nye Simmons for a day of shooting in the Smokies yesterday and it was great! We dealt with very gusty winds and some breaks in the clouds, but all in all it was a grand day. Here’s one of my favorites! This was a tough photo due to the wind, so I used lots of tilt to insure sharpness where I wanted it- across the flowers, my main subject. Shooting at f/11 also has a major advantage to sharpness. This is the sweet spot of the lens and the sharpness of the image is incredible!

EOS 5D w/ TS-E 24mm (modified for tilt and rise/fall), f/11, 1/5s, ISO 200

Update! I just made a print from this file and as I expected, it is so sharp! I will have no problem printing this image in the 30″ x 45″ size (possible 40″ x 60″ if needed) using Genuine Fractals.


2 thoughts on “Sweet white trillium & cascade, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN/NC

  1. Mike,

    Don’t be fooled though! You must be starting out with a very sharp native file. In other words, shooting at the smallest or widest aperture is not going to produce a sharp enough file. You must find the sweet-spot of your lenses and work from this area. Also, one can still not compare directly to a large-format print of that size, it’s just not possible. But for most buyers, a lot of my files will enlarge to the larger sizes with Genuine Fractals 5.0.

    Thanks for your comments!


  2. I am encouraged by the fact that you can make such a large print from a file that is about the same as mine. I have ordered a copy of genuine fractals. Have you tried the dslr Fractal Sharpen plug in by Noel Carboni? It utilizes genuine fractals in the sharpening workflow. It has GF uprez several times from your intended print size then sharpens at that size then downsizes to your original size. The results look really nice.

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