Two Wheeled Adventure and Outdoor Photographer

Crab Spider and Black Swallowtail, the food chain in miniture!


Again, I don’t do very much close-up work with the camera but this was just awesome! Well, kind of freakish to me actually, for I’m not a fan of spiders! As I was photographing the beautiful flowers I noticed these swallowtails that were not moving like the others. With closer inspection I notice why, they were lunch for a wonderful little crab spider!

BTW, the TS-E 90mm makes a wonderful macro lens! It will focus to 1′ without extensions tubes and it stops down to f/32. I set this up with my 1.4x extender and extension tubes.

EOS 5D, TS-E 90mm w/ EF1.4x + extension tubes, f/9 @ 1/5 sec


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