The Rhododendrons will blossom soon!

While searching for images to be printed in the June issue of WNC Magazine I came across a photograph that I had taken in 2005. I had all but forgotten about this image! Not sure why, for I really love this one. After getting the images together for two, two-page full-bleed Vista images and two more photos for a special feature about the North Carolina Mountains, I decided that I had better get my images caught up in my cataloging software. Man, I’m so far behind! Anyway, I thought that I’d post this image, being that it’s so perfect for the upcoming season in the highcountry. 


Spring in the highcountry, Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina


Canon EOS 5D, TS-E 45mm (rise and very slight off-axis tilt), Polarizer, f/16 @ .6 sec, ISO 200

2 thoughts on “The Rhododendrons will blossom soon!

  1. Loved the old photo that you pulled out from spring in Craggy Gardens… How exactly do you get to that spot? Which trail is it on? Would love to go there myself… beautiful photography

  2. Superb photography and interesting website, could learn much from you. I recognized this tree as soon as I saw it because I photographed it a couple of years ago. Too bad about the construction in that area keeping me away from one of my favorite places. KC

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