What a wonderful find! Lake Tugalo at first light.


What a wonderful find! As I left for northern Georgia I knew where I was heading but I wasn’t sure how the overnight accommodations would work out. I usually like to find a quite place near my morning destination to park and sleep in my truck. As I pulled up to Tallulah George State Park I noticed a sign leading to Stone Place. It also stated 4-wheel drive required, so I headed toward Stone Place! When I came to the end of the road I found a nice level spot, set my clock and I was fast off to sleep. At 5:30am my alarm went off and I slowly rolled out of the truck and decided to find out what this Stone Place was all about. As I walked around the grove of trees I noticed that, before me, was a beautiful mountain lake! I went back to the truck, grabbed my camera gear and headed to the lakes edge. I spent the next two hours photographing the many changes that the landscape went through as we transcended early morning.  This is the first image taken on the trip!


Canon EOS 5D, TS-E 45mm, no filters, ISO 200, f/11 @ 25sec


RAW processed with CaptureOne Pro & Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended

2 thoughts on “What a wonderful find! Lake Tugalo at first light.

  1. Jerry-
    It’s been a tough week. Life has handed out lots of shitty things in the span of 7 days…..a good friend with a bad diagnosis of cancer……mom’s Alzheimer’s is rearing it’s ugly head………gas prices……..not much good news.
    This image cause me to pause and take a deep breath and makes me realize that underneath all the crap, the earth and scenes like this are ever present and it’s up to me to seek them out and draw solace from them. This image is visual medicine for me this week. I’ll go to Roan this weekend, I’ll swim in the Nolichucky, I’ll try out my new 10-22mm lens and I’ll feel better —-thank you—Danna

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