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The movement to “Green Energy” is now!

The Environmental Defense Fund is publishing these great videos on its website. Here are two of the many that are coming soon. Pretty good info! The first is the into to the series and then the second is about Solar Energy.


2 responses

  1. David,

    Some of us really have to work for a living! I’m the one that has to go knock down the bucks in this house ;^) Anyway, I just returned from an assignment and have to get images and video processed and to my client before I can even attempt to dialog with you over “Big Oil” and how rich you’re getting from them. So, hold your horse and I’ll get back soon.

    06/19/2008 at 12:19 PM

  2. Dave

    I finally feel I’ve learned something today. I respectfully disagree with a good portion of your writings. However I am not a closed minded person. I think you could do a much better job getting your ideas out when you educate your fellow blogers rather than ranting. Encourage your readers to become engaged in creating solutions/ideas instead of “I agree with everything you say” or “dido” that gets us nowhere.
    It would be nice if I could get a response from you, but you continue to ignore my postings. OK! you didn’t like what I emailed you. So what! I didn’t care for yous either. Big deal! Now lets move on.


    06/18/2008 at 7:16 PM

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