Photography, politics, blogs…oh my!

As I posted earlier, I apologize for the political posts as of late. With the past week of posts I feel that I must explain myself. We nature photographers generally have a specialty, whether it be landscape, macro, wildlife or, like my specialty, environmental conservation, and the list goes on. Often, we nature photographers, are nature photographers just to be nature photographers. This is generally the way it starts out but in time one will find a niche or a passion for a specific focus encompassing ones work. Working alongside conservation land trusts, and environmental groups like Wild South, Southern Environmental Law Center, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, The Conservation Fund and many more, has channeled my desire to use my photography to help protect our wild places. Rocky Fork, a 10,000 acre undeveloped land tract here in East Tennessee, has intensified my focus even more toward the environment and with environmental conservation comes politics! There’s no way around it and I can’t deny that I’m very passionate about the work I do, be it photography, my conservation efforts and politics. For my field of photography I can’t see any way around political objectives being injected into the discussion. Conservation is very political and it has been since President Theodore Roosevelt helped make it that way. As for this blog, it belongs to me and reflects my work as a photographer. It’s about my existence as a conservation and environmental photographer. There will be lots of photography and there will be some politics as I feel the need to express myself. Our new site,, is all about photography! You WILL NOT see any politics there, you’ll only see articles about photography for photographers! For those that feel passionate about nature photography for nature as well as photography, and feel as I do, that conservation and environmental issues need us in the fight to save our wild places, then I hope this is the place you visit. I welcome all to stop by and I hope that I can make a difference in guiding you in your quest to help protect our wild places!



Canon EOS 5D, TS-E 24mm, polarizer, ND grad, f/16 @ 1/16 sec

Without the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, a wonderful local land trust, and the efforts of environmentalists, photographers, politicians, and ordinary people that have a love for wild places, this area would now be closed to the public and million dollar homesites, ski runs, restaurants and lodges would grace this beautiful location.

5 thoughts on “Photography, politics, blogs…oh my!

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  2. Jerry, thanks for continuing to speak out on environmental issues. Who better than a photographer who documents the wonders of our natural surroundings?

    Until the Bush-Cheney-McCain party reverses direction on a wide array of issues, including environmental and energy policies, no one who supports their destructive actions and intentions has a right to criticize those of us who refuse to remain silent. Defending the environment is more than politics — it’s our right and our duty.

  3. Thanks Michael and Danna,

    I know that some readers will be turned off with what I write but I am who I am! I really have a hard time understanding how a true nature photographer can be a nature photographer and be pro-drill and take the same stance as the Republicans. The only thing that I can see is that they are more about being a nature photographer than being for nature. But then again, that’s my view.

    Just think, I was at one time, a stanch Republican. After serving in the Army during the first “Gulf War” I really began to look at who I was really aligned with. (While in the Military, you’re brainwashed in believing that Dems are weak.) I’m pro-environment and I can’t change that. I will not vote or back any politician that is weak on the environment.

  4. Jerry-
    You just keep on keepin’ on. People need to hear what you are saying.
    This is a great post. Awesome images combined with educational and thought [emotion] provoking politics. It is a winning combination for me.
    Obama 08

  5. Hey, a change can be the spice of life. I enjoying learning about the person behind the pictures. Unfortunately, not everybody is like that. Keep up the great work.

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