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Goodbye to gas forever! (well for mowing anyway)

Yes, I did it! I’ve retired my gas-powered mower and trimmer!  I’m now   in the lawn department!

Last week I purchased a new Homelite (cordless) 24volt 20″ electric walk-behind mower.

There’s been a bunch of bad reviews on the first ones and, in fact, my first had a battery problem. You have to look at the manufacture date. Buy the most recent build, they have a better battery. The first time out I was able to mow the entire lawn with one charge. BTW, if you are a “lawn skinner” like so many here in the south, then you have to change the way you cut or forget it. For a healthy lawn you should never cut more than 25% anyway. This mower, with a very sharp blade, mows beautifully and I had no problems. It was fun mowing with this beauty! The unit is so quite and it spins the blade very fast, cutting the grass very cleanly. I’ll never burn gas ever again doing yard work!.

I also replaced my gas trimmer with a new Black & Decker 18 Volt 12″ Cordless GRASSHOG Trimmer/Edger. This is another wonderful product!

Now, if I can figure out a way to buy that electric/hybrid car then I’ll be good! Oh, now I’m looking into a solar panel system for charging all of my rechargeables! I’ll let you all know when I find the best deal that works.


2 responses

  1. Jim

    Oops, I linked to the 12 amp, but I have the 24-volt model.

    07/21/2008 at 6:25 PM

  2. Jim

    Nice mower. You’ll enjoy it. I’ve owned a little 19-inch Black & Decker cordless for the past eight years and it’s been perfect for a medium-size lawn. Also cuts down on noise pollution.

    07/21/2008 at 6:19 PM

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