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I’ve been covered up with work these past few weeks so I thought that I would post this incredible short film about riding in Iceland. It’s titled “ICELAND – HORACE AND THE ROUGH STUFF FELLOWSHIP”.  The film is produced by Sebastian Doerk of infinitetrails featuring Harald Philipp.


New Focus…Refined Vision…New Projects!

Hey everyone! I know that it’s been a long time but that’s about to change and this blog is coming back to life!  This will be more than just an ordinary photography blog. It will be about my trips, equipment (bikes and photography), and also projects that I am working on. Those of you that personally know me have witnessed first hand, I’ve gone back to my roots. Back in the mid 90’s I was mountain bike racing as well as working as a team director for Team Schwinn/Grand West Outfitters and while doing that I started documenting those races on film. I cut my teeth in the photography business taking photographs of mountain bike racing throughout Colorado. After a move back to the southeast a few years later, I drifted away from the bike and directly into nature and landscape photography and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 17 years. After that lengthy absence from mountain biking I have jumped back in with both feet and having a blast! My next project will be a return to my roots and I look forward to bringing you along with me. Please follow along, spring is now here…renewal is in the air!


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